About Lami Abe“Her heart is exquisite! She’s genuine, loving, kind, compassionate, and generous. An awe-inspiring soul is what she is! She is joy, she is light, she is LOVE.”
- Stephanie Lahart

Lovette popularly called Lovy was born in Jos on the 16th of November 1962 as the seventh child to the Osume family of Mereje, Delta State. She had her secondary education in St’ John’s college, Jos before going on to obtain her Higher National Diploma from the Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi.

Her interest in banking led her to work in the International Merchant Bank (IMB) & Savannah Bank amongst others.

She had a passion for equity and was adjudged ‘the fair judge’ by her siblings, a trait of hers that was greatly influenced by her views about life in general. Having traveled extensively to countries such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain & Egypt, naming a few, she became increasingly confident about the capabilities of women and their abilities to achieve whatever they set their mind to.

This she demonstrated through her untainted devotion and support to her husband and her ability to chart a sustainable pathway for his career.

Lovy had always looked forward to the day women will be represented in all vocations such that they will no longer be considered ‘less able’ in such vocations.

She passed away on the 22nd of November 2007 after an illness. Her story has been put to words by her husband in the novel – The Voyage of Saints.

"We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamics, reshape the conversation, to make sure women's voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored."
- Sheryl Sandberg

Her Story

In 2019, a fictional book based on a piece of Lovette’s life was written by her husband, Captain Marvin Abe. This book chronicles their love story. A story that started from the pre-military era of Nigeria’s history, spanning governments and continents, and showcases some of the battles they both had to fight. In this book, you will catch a glimpse of who Lovette was, and some of the virtues she stood for. Should you desire to get the book and know more about this wonderful woman, please click the button below for a copy.